What type of paper do you use?

I like to use Carta Manuscript Paper in No. 34, especially when notating with aesthetic purpose in mind (commission for a gift).  It's double-sided with 12 staves on each side, with the dimensions being 9" x 12".  The sheets have a light cream color and are a bit thicker than standard printing paper.

What type of pens are best for notation?

These are other factors to consider: type of paper, width of staff lines, note values and articulations, etc.  You want to make sure that the ink from the pen will not run on or bleed through the paper.  That being said, I use rollerball and gel pens to do hand engraving.  I find that a 0.38 mm pen gives me the best results in detailing as well as a wide enough coverage for shading in note heads.  If I need even more control, my 0.25 mm pen is very effective.  On the other hand, if I want to shade in sections faster, a 0.5 mm is a great option.  These pens are great for the size of my staves on the Carta No. 34 paper mentioned above.  However, a 0.5 mm pen is the most common size of pen that can easily be found in many stores that sell stationery, and it is a great standard size pen for detailed notation.  

How much do you charge for an engraving?

It all depends on the commissioned work!  If you'd like to know, please feel free to fill out a request form under "Contact Us," and I will happily be in touch to give you an estimate or quote.