Photo by  Adrien Padilla

Photo by Adrien Padilla

About Me

My name is Viola Chan, and I was raised in Rosemead, California (LA County).  I'm currently attending The Juilliard School in New York City for my Bachelor of Music degree in Flute Performance under the tutelage of my amazing teacher, Carol Wincenc.  

I'd like to thank Mr. Paul Beck, who was previously the orchestra librarian of The Juilliard Orchestra, as well as my mentor.  He introduced me to the art of music engraving, and without him, none of this would be possible or even imaginable!



"Musicians deserve the very best that the language of notation can provide, and the most elegant layout that can be achieved; in this way they will be free to give of their best in a performance."
-Elaine Gould, Behind Bars (2011)